Welcome to our “Products” page. The top section will be devoted to products we use and may generate an income from when people make purchases through the links on this page. Some of these products are marketed through “network marketing” structures, where people can join and become part of our group, or just purchase the products at retail to use for themselves.

The following links, of this page, will take you to products, services or information we use and tell people about, even though we do not have any financial arrangements with the websites. They just have products or services we value.

dōterra Essential Oils

We were introduced to essential oils in 1991 and have been using them personally as well as with clients, family, and friends ever sense. We use and market the dōterra line of essential oils. We finally settled with the dōterra line of products. One big reason for us to chose dōterra is that they are consumable orally if so labeled. We're also confident that what's on the label is whats actually in the bottle.

Victory Nutrition International

VNI is one product line of Nutriceuticals that we use and promote. When living with us, my great grandson and I had a wonderful ritual of drinking our Prodivite in the mornings. If you are looking for a quality line of supplements to insure you're getting the nutrient your body needs. I encourage you to give these products a try.


My wife uses Smart Coffee and Keto Cre in her Bulletproof Coffee every morning. Jackie also uses the Hangover Defense Patch! Yes, I said Hangover Defense! It actually has liver support ingredients, and since she has NASH ( Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis), she really needs the liver support! Also, I use the Energy Patch which has great B vitamins! I'm excited to share these products with you! I believe they would be a tremendous asset to anyone's daily regimen! Elevacity, has a number of products that are Keto friendly.

Berkey Filters

We began using Berkeyfilters™, specifically the Big Berkey™ to filter our water around 2008. We were avid distilled water users, and in our case, we broke even on our Big Berkey™ purchase in about 6 months. One aspect we really like, is the ability to add a fluoride filter as well as the regular water filtration. Since we already tell all our family, friends, and client about the Berkey™, we wanted to be an affiliate with Berkey Filters Company™, and are very happy to be able to do so. When you purchase your Berkey™ add the "water view spigot", I assure you if you don't you will wish you had.

Books We Like


Or Breaking The Vicious Cycle by Elaine Gottschall. Around 1996 I was told by our doctor to do this diet or die. We began by reading the recipes and failed miserably. My wife and I read the book and implemented the diet plan into my life. My colon issues went away. The Specific Carbohydrate Diet™ or Breaking the vicious cycle to me is a must read if we experience digestive track issues.



Valuable Resources

The website for Dr. Berg is where we buy our electrolyte-powder. There is also a lot of information on his website.

International Health has some products like Super Silver and Magnesium Oil, that you just can’t find everywhere. We, as well as people we know, have always gotten help when contacting Glen P.

Ed McCabe© known the world over as Mr. Oxygen, who oddly enough, wrote the book Mr. Oxygen®  which should be on everyone’s book shelf. We have his book linked above.

Most Massage Therapist, are always looking for the most effective tools for our practice. Once I discovered The Jojoba Company my search for a Jojoba oil was over.

When we use the products from Dr. Shultz’s, we are confident we are buying very potent products, that work.