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Typical First Massage. . .

Welcome to “Your First Massage” page. This page has been created for you. If you’re here, you have read our massage page and found the only link to this page. So yes, this page is here for you. If you have any questions, send me an email from the contact page. Hint: you should get an automatic reply with my phone number if you wish to call.

The normal allotment of time is 1 or 1.5 hour sessions. The majority of my clients get 1.5 hours, more than 1.5 hours would necessitate being a long-term or a very large client. Most sessions need to be separated by at least three (3) days. Again, there are exceptions. It is important to have recovery time. Anytime we get a massage is good. It is my understanding that, if we wish to build session upon session, we don’t want to go beyond four (4) weeks. Most clients, after initially getting massages weekly or more often, begin to become more comfortable and happy with the way their bodies are working and adjust their appointments to 2, 3, or four(4) weeks between sessions.

Now, What’s that first massage look like?

  • We take 15-30 minutes to fill out a questionnaire and take time to get acquainted while discussing what we plan to do. This is close and personal work and often this is the first time we have met and the last thing we want are surprises.
  • Now is the last opportunity to use the restroom before we start. Please, understand when we need to use the restroom, it is important to get up and go. Rest assured I will. Actually, we are not able to accomplish what we are working on if a client needs to empty their bladder or colon. This is also when I leave the therapy room for the same, and to thoroughly wash my hands. While I'm out of the room, the client will disrobe and get on the table face down, a top blanket/cover is provided. There is always an exception. Occasionally a client will need assistance and I will stay in the room to help. Females need to remove their bra. Underpants/underwear need to be small and/or loose. I can work around them if the client is more comfortable leaving them on.
  • When I return from the restroom, the first thing I will do is adjust the blanket and pillows under the ankles and make sure the face rest is adjusted properly. We begin with folding the blanket down exposing the back and tucking a towel at the low back upper glutes/hips. Then systematically work the neck, triceps, back, sides, hips and upper glutes. Circumduction of the shoulder and shoulder blade. Finishing up by covering the back with the blanket.
  • We then remove the blanket from the left leg exposing the entire leg & glutes. Then tuck a towel between the legs. Systematically work the glutes, hamstrings, calves, as well as the surrounding muscles, achilles tendon, including the bottom and sides of the heel, work & stretch the foot, circumduct the ankle, work the calves, partial circumduction of the hip and upper glutes. Recover the leg with the blanket..
  • Repeat for the right leg.
  • Now it is time to turn over, face up. I will hold up the blanket and the client will move down on the table so their head is well inside the top edge of the table. They then turn over onto their back and I spread the blanket over them, adjust the pillows under their knees and support their back & head with towels as needed.
  • Ready now to actually begin working the front. Wrapping the client's head/hair with a towel to reduce oil spread. I then th‍oroughly massage their face, neck, parts of the upper trapezius. Head cover is removed and I wipe excess oil from my hands and then massage the scalp and upper neck around the occipital ridge. Again, massage the face, neck, even the ears.
  • Begining by uncovering the left arm. Systematically massage the fingers, hand, forearm, upper arm, shoulder, pecs, axilla(armpit) and part of the neck. Finishing up with circumduction of the fingers, wrist, elbow, and shoulder. Recover the arm.
  • Repeat for the right arm.
  • For women, we drape/lay a towel across the breast area and then pull the blanket out from under the towel, folding the blanket down to the hips and tucking a towel across the front of the hips. Systematically massage the chest area "around" the breast, sides, and abdomen down to the hips. When completed the blanket is placed back up over the torso, chest/breast area and the towel is pulled out from under the blanket.
  • Uncovering the right leg, followed by tucking a towel between the legs and systematically massaging the front and sides of the leg. From the hips to and including the knees, feet, and toes. Finishing up with circumduction of the hip and recovering the leg.
  • Repeat for the left leg.
  • Verbally check on the client and let them know their massage is finished. Also, I want them to know I am pulling out a step stool to help then off the table and to open the therapy room door when they are ready for me to return. Naturally, if the client needed assistance to get on the table, this would be when I would help them to sit up and get off the table.

This “IS” the typical first visit. Subsequent visits change as we adjust their session to what’s going on in their bodies and what their body is telling them.

Clients are in charge at all times. My goal is to support my clients to the best of my ability. Pressure, firm enough to get work done, as long as it comfortable. In later visits, we can work deeper as the body changes. Clients determine whether there is conversation or not, music volume or different music, more light in the therapy room or less.

My personal goal, other than generating an income with my Massage Therapy practice, is to affect positive changes in my client’s bodies so they can become happier people.

Remember! We never prescribe, diagnose, or claim to treat anything. We have our experiences and stories to share, and we point people to sources of information.

Looking forward to meeting you
Kenneth R Vetter P.D.M.T.