We are Jackie & Ken Vetter.

We met in 1971 and married in 1973. We, as in both, served in the US Army in the mid 70’s. We have two daughters, 9 grandchildren, & 5 Great Grandchildren.

We both have had a varied career path. Ken’s career, since 1991, has been Massage Therapy. After acquiring an A.S. degree and attending Massage Therapy School, Jackie discovered that the study of nutrition and how foods can change/impact our health was the career path for her.

Since the 90’s, a big part of our activities have centered around learning to be happy and healthy. That has been most fortunate for us because, as we entered our late 50’s, we have had some health challenges. Understanding that we are the ones ultimately responsible for our health has driven our personal exploration into a more healthy lifestyle, even when the journey is turbulent.

Our intent in life, as well as on this website, is to share some of our journey so that our visitors may find something beneficial for their journey. We intend to share the tools we have used, and continue to use, as well as the things we have yet to discover. Some of the things we share may generate income for us, some will not. Hopefully, what we share will have value for you as they have for us.

Enjoy your visit.
Thank you
Jackie & Ken