We are Jackie & Ken Vetter.

Married in 1973 and after a couple of weeks in our first apartment in Noblesville IN, Jackie asked Ken if he could rub her back . . . After awhile she said “you can stop now”.

17 years later & Ken’s the official family & friend body & back rubber. Jackie, being aware that Ken was not really happy with his career, suggested that he go to masseuse school. Besides, family and friends had been saying for years that Ken should go to masseuse school.

1990 the search began for a masseuse school. The school that had the highest standards and terrified the dyslexic guy and the school he wanted to attend was Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics. When the doors opened, he walked in. In 1992, he graduated and immediately followed up by taking the Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy course as well.

Attending Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics was such an eye opening experience for him, Jackie simply did not understand the changes. To really understand what was happening, Jackie went to school the following year for the full Swedish program as well as the Pfrimmer Deep Muscle training, which is where she discovered her love for nutrition.