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Since completing Massage Therapy training in 1991, I have been working in my chosen field of Massage Therapy with emphasis on Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy. I travel to Indianapolis every 2nd Monday of the month to see clients that I have had for many years.

I have an in-home office/therapy room in Georgetown IN and in some cases will make out calls.

There is a tremendous amount of information at which is the Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics & Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Massage in Indiana. There is specific information at about the Pfrimmer Technique.

Send me a message if you have questions by filling out my Contact form. You know. . . Things like, where is your office? how much do you charge? what do I wear? how long are the appointments? I don't post specific information due to working out of my home.

A Little About Us

We are Jackie & Ken Vetter and hope this little spot on the web will help you find what you're looking for.

We were married in 1973. After a couple of weeks in their first apartment in Noblesville IN, Jackie asked Ken if he could rub her back . . . After awhile she said "you can stop now".

17 years later. Ken's now the official family and friend body massager & back rubber. Jackie, being aware that Ken was not really happy with his career choices, suggested that he go to masseuse school. Besides, the majority of family and friends had been saying for years that Ken should go to masseuse school. The journey begins.

1990 the search began for masseuse schools. The school that had the highest standards and terrified the dyslexic guy and the school I wanted to attend was Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics. When doors opened, I walked in. In 1991, I graduated and immediately followed up by taking the Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy course at Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics.

Attending Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics was such an eye opening experience for me, Jackie simply did not understand the changes. To really understand what was happening, Jackie went to school the following year for the full Swedish program as well as the Pfrimmer training, which is where she discovered her love for nutrition.

Dōterra Essential Oils

I was introduced to essential oils in Massage Therapy school way back in 1991 and have been using them personally as well as with clients, family, and friends ever sense. I recommend and market the Dōterra line of essential oils because I am totally comfortable with consuming orally if it is so labeled. I am also confident that what's in the bottle is what's on the label. Not cheep odorless essential oils and a small amount of whats on the label. Just saying, buyer beware. If your looking for essential oils, give these products a try. The links on the right side of this page. This is one of the products I promote that we generate income from.

Victory Nutrition International, VNI

VNI is one of the lines of Nutriceuticals that I promote. When he was living with us my great grandson and I had a wonderful ritual of drinking our Prodivite in the mornings. If you are looking for a quality line of supplement to insure your are getting the nutrient you body needs. I encourage you to give these products a try. you will find the links on the right side of this page. *FYI* This is one of the products I promote that we generate income from.


I'm Jackie and it's September 2018. I am using Smart Coffee and Keto Cre in my Bulletproof Coffee every morning. I love it! I am also using the Energy Patch and the Hangover Defense Patch! Yes, I said Hangover Defense! It actually has liver support ingredients, and since I have NASH ( Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis), I really need the liver support! I am finding great energy. I was diagnosed with early stage pancreatic cancer in February of 2017. I have not had any treatment and I chose not to have my pancreas and spleen removed. I researched what I felt would be my best course, and settled on the Budwig Plan and the Ketogenic Diet. I have been able to be taken off of insulin, I've lost over 30 pounds and the pancreatic cancer has not progressed past the early stage. The lesions are actually smaller. The one thing that I did have though, was low energy. I would have to take long naps! Since starting the Smart Coffee and Energy Patch, I haven't been having to take naps during the day! It's not a hyped up energy, but just a I feel good energy! as for my liver, the swelling in that area is almost completely gone and I haven't had any of the pain that would shoot through my liver! I'm excited to share these products with you! I believe they would be a tremendous asset to anyone's daily regimen!

Mr. Teasel

We encourage everyone we know to visit Mr.Teasel The author, Mr. Jim Lindl, is a long time mentor and friend. When we would hear from Jim, nothing was mentioned of his illness. The occasional tid-bit from other friends was not concerning either. Then Jim contacted us about his web site and his struggles and story of recovery from Lyme disease. I have been amazed at how many people I have met that are struggling with Lyme disease or know someone who is.


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By Jim Lindl. Our friend & mentor's journey dealing with Lyme disease